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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My November 1 Resolution - Cook More, Fret Less!

I am officially turning over a new leaf! Forget New Years Resolutions, this is my November 1st resolution!

For many years, I have eaten the exact same thing. It has been an ongoing routine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner varied slightly, but were basically the same. Snacks were always planned in advance. In fact, I would allow my life to get thrown off course if I did not have my "staples" with me on a daily basis. I made for an unpleasant vacation-goer with family.

Despite my neurosis, I had always been fine with my routine. But, one day I noticed that I was actually postponing my breakfast because I was dreading it. I was dreading making (and eating) the granola that I ate for the past 3 years straight. I let this continue for many months before I realized that I was in a food funk. I needed a change!

I have always enjoyed baking. To me, it was meditating. "Measure, mix, measure, repeat. . . " I enjoyed how soothing the whole process could be (especially coupled with the lovely Mozart that always plays in the background). But, cooking was not exactly soothing - it often ended badly. Very, very badly. However, I wanted to eat something besides my usual. So, I began to follow several food blogs online. I bookmarked hundreds of recipes. I poured through cookbooks and food magazines. I marked tons of recipes that I was excited about and wanted to make.

All the while, I complained about this "food funk" but refused to climb out of the hole. I continued to eat the same ol' stuff. Why? The kitchen scares the living patooties out of me! I somehow mess up even the simplest recipes. But, as of November 1st, 2009, I am going to enter the kitchen with a new outlook. I will no longer fear the kitchen.

So, my goal is a big one, but manageable. I want to learn how to cook. I want to learn how to cook confidently! I want to explore new foods and eat without concern. I want to document this process to learn from my inevitable mistakes. I will start off slow. Eventually, I hope that I am comfortable serving my food to others. For now, my guinea pig will be my fiancee (who doesn't eat fruit or vegetables - another challenge by itself).

As for my go-to items, they will still be in the kitchen. I often eat to fuel hard work-outs, and some foods just can't be let go. Especially not my daily peanut butter & graham cracker snack ;)

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