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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Own Version of Earl's "Hawaiian BBQ" Sandwich

On our first trip to Disney in 2008, Ron and I discovered the Earl of Sandwich shop in Downtown Disney.  I ate a sandwich there and my idea of sandwiches has been forever changed.  I can no longer settle for a "turkey on wheat" or "meatball sub."  If it is not Earl's quality, it is not worth eating.  These sandwiches are incredible and the same price as a nasty, disgusting Subway sandwich.  Not to mention, the folks at Earl use fresh ingredients and quality tasting bread!

Others may not enjoy this sandwich shop as much as I did.  However, I believe that everyone had an enjoyable experience eating at Earl's this past January.  Over the next few days, I will attempt to recreate some of the sandwiches on their menu.  I am ecstatic about this.  I've made the Hawaiian BBQ sandwich in the past, but never with these rolls.  I've normally shoved everything in a wrap and made up a quesadilla (which is just as tasty).

I made the sandwich tolerable for me and my food allergies.  That meant no ham and only a little bit of cheese.  It still turned out absolutely incredible!!  If you were to add ham and cheese, tailor it to your preference.  It's very simple.

Earl's Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich
Earl's Description:  Grilled Chicken, Roasted Ham, Hawaiian Bbq Sauce, Aged Swiss Cheese & Fresh Pineapple

  • Bread (I used Filone rolls, but you could easily use any hearty bread purchased from the bakery  *I do not advise using any type of store-bought loaf bread*)
  • Chicken (either slices of grilled chicken or shredded)
  • Hawaiian / Sweet and Zesty BBQ sauce (many grocery stores carry specialty bbq sauces.  I suggest splurging for an authentic tasting sandwich).
  • Pineapple rings or tidbits with juice
  • Ham (optional)
  • Swiss cheese (optional)
  1. Prepare chicken:  If using shredded chicken, prepare as directed from recipe above.  If using grilled chicken, cut chicken into strips to place on bread.
  2. Prepare panini grill as directed.  
    1. You could also use a stovetop pan, oven or toaster oven to heat through and get desired crispness.
  3. Slice roll in half.
  4. Layer pineapple rings or tidbits on bottom half of roll. 
  5. Mix about 2.5 tbsp of BBQ sauce w/ 1.5 tsp of pineapple juice.  Use more BBQ, if needed. 
  6. Mix about 2/3 cup of shredded chicken with BBQ sauce.
  7. Layer chicken mixture on top of pineapple rings.
  8. If using cheese, lay cheese over chicken.
  9. If using ham, lay ham slices on top of cheese.
  10. Place sandwich on grill or pan.  
  11. Spray top with olive oil cooking spray.
  12. Close lid and grill for 3.5 minutes or until sauce/cheese begins to bubble and bread is crusty.
  13. Serve with a side salad or some baked BBQ chips.  Enjoy!!


  1. Thank you so much for this recipe! If I could, I'd eat at Earl of Sandwich every day. My favorite sandwich is, hands down, the Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich!

    I followed your instructions and took one bite... heaven.

  2. Thank you so much, Brian! I'm so glad to hear that someone else is just as obsessed with the sandwich shop as I was. I love going there and it's my favorite place to go when we arrive!

    Glad this recipe worked out for you. Cheers!