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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Taking a Break

Hello, dear readers.

I just wanted to write a quick post to say that I won't be posting as frequently over the next several weeks. Though I know there are only a few of you who read my blog (a few who I appreciate most dearly), life is moving at a pretty swift pace around these parts and blogging cannot be a priority.

On the technological end, my MacBook Air (we've had a rock relationship all along) just recently crashed. Sadly, the Genius Bar could not retrieve any of its data. And poof, three years of law school and personal documents, and photographs, were gone overnight. Fortunately, about 85% was backed up, but not all of it, including my most recent meals. In addition, I'm a bit discouraged with the fact that a large number of stored postings were lost in Blogger's recent issues.

On the personal end, our baby girl Salem was just diagnosed with feline diabetes. She is a very sassy kitty who is not enjoying her twice daily insulin shots. Not to mention, our upcoming move across country. The majority of the next six weeks will be spent packing boxes, working, and finishing up lectures and papers before it's time to move. Truth be told, the next six weeks are going to be crazy. I am hoping I have the time to pass my classes, let alone eat! To make good meals and take pictures simply cannot be a priority.

I greatly appreciate the fact that you would stop by here on occasion to read my weekly musings. I hope that you have enjoyed the recipes and have found yourself inspired to eat good grub! I will be back in a few weeks!


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  1. I will miss reading your little stories and your wonderful recipes. :)